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About Pink Velvet Training

Pink Velvet Training is a workout program for women of all ages and abilities. We will show you that fitness is about way more than weight loss. We will train your mind and body to be strong, healthy, and powerful. We meet our clients where they are and offer modifications for every workout. We promise, there is nothing you can’t do! Every workout is different so there is no boring routine to fall into. Our group style workouts guarantee you’ll come for the fitness and stay for the friendships. With a focus on non-scale victories, progress is measured by the way we feel, stepping down our modifications, finally getting that full push-up or burpee, and so many other feats that don’t include the scale. You are MORE than that numerical value. Join the Velvet revolution!

What We Offer

  • 3-4 Workouts per week
  • Monthly fitness test to measure progress
  • Positive mindset, supportive environment, no judgement

Why Pink Velvet?

Velvet has traditionally been seen as a symbol of power and wealth. At PVT, we believe all women are powerful and want to help women reach their full potential. Velvet can also be seen as a “gain beyond ordinary expectation,” and we promise the gains you’ll see from our program will definitely exceed your expectations. After all, strong looks good on you. And pink? Well, that’s just my favorite color!

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