We offer FREE Monthly Challenges open to anyone to encourage daily movement for all women.  To join the challenge, simply complete the task for each day and post a photo or video and tag us on Facebook, Instagram, or in our private group. Each day you complete also earns you the opportunity to win in our weekly giveaways! We also post daily demo videos in our private facebook group.

April 2022: April Abs

Bye March Muscles, Hello April Abs!! 🔥🔥
We’ve got our daily move and plank holds this month! The moves will be 22 reps each day and the plank hold time will increase each week!
We will also host a habit challenge for the ladies in our private group to help keep us all accountable.

March 2022: March Muscles!

Our #marchmuscles challenge starts tomorrow!
You’ll do 3 sets of 12 of each exercise daily! Grab those dumbbells and let’s build our strong!
Feel free to use different size dumbbells, drop to just 1 set of 12 reps and work your way up, or do all the weekly moves together for a killer arm workout!🔥 Don’t be afraid to up those weights if you feel these are too easy for you! I’ll continue posting demo moves each morning on our stories as well!

February 2022: PVT I Love Me Movement & Photo Challenge

💖February is here!💖
The month of love and guess who we are going to pour our hearts into?? Yup ourselves!!
We’ve got 2 options for ya this month! You can do our heart healthy challenge full of daily cardio moves. (I’ll post the demos each morning to our stories as usual) and our 2nd challenge is a photo challenge! You’ll share a pic, quote, or even meme that corresponds with that days prompt. Feel free to do just one challenge or do BOTH! 🥰💪🏻
This one is my favorite challenge to do because we all get to learn so much about each other!! Join our private Facebook group to participate or if you post to your socials, make sure to tag us so we can see!

January 2022: JanYOUary Challenge

Happy New Year! We are bringing back our #janYOUary healthy habits challenge!
For the first week, we will practice working on one healthy habit and then each week after, we will build onto that by adding another habit and continuing throughout the month. Baby steps! I will share weekly trainer tips on our socials and even more tips in our private Facebook group for you so make sure you’re in there if you’ll be joining!
We will start back with the basics as far as our daily movements go and you’ll do 22 reps of each move. (2022) 🤗 I’ll post the demos each day in our stories.
Lastly, Saturdays will be spent focusing on YOU! Do whatever you’d like to do that day that will help your mental or physical health. Do your favorite activity, watch your favorite shows, EAT your favorite foods, go shopping, sleep all day! Whatever it takes to get you in a positive mindset, do it!!

Don’t forget you can join our private Facebook group too for extra accountability and if you prefer to post your challenge completion privately.


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