2021 Challenges

Take a look at our past challenges!

December 2021: AMwRAP it up December

November 2021: Thankful for my body

October 2021: Ab-tober

September 2021: Squatember

August 2021: Alpha-Fit August

July 2021: Strong Girl Summer Part 2

June 2021: Strong Girl Summer Part 1

It’s just a minute June!

This month we’re continuing to build our strong with just one minute a day. Every day you will set a timer and complete as many reps as possible for each daily move. This month requires no equipment so you can complete your daily challenge anywhere! Tag us in your photos and videos on social for your chance to win some of our awesome PVT goodies.

Don’t forget you can join our private Facebook group too for extra accountability and if you prefer to post your challenge completion privately.

May 2021: May Muscles for Heroes

This month, we are combining May miles, move a day, AND Murph prep! All month long, our moves will help build our strength and endurance to make sure we’re ready for Murph at the end of the month!

On the weekends you will walk/bike/jog/swim as many miles as you can. If you’re not a fan of any of those, try to get in some other form of cardio! Set a goal and track your progress! (My personal goal will be to try to run 3 miles each weekend)

We will do an arm, leg, and cardio workout during the week to help build up our strength and endurance. You will do 12 reps of each exercise however many times you’d like.

You will have the final weekend of May to complete the Murph challenge in full. Feel free to break it up and modify however you would like! We will be doing this as a group on the morning of May 29th if you’d like to join! Check our events tab here in the group.

As always, I’ll post demo videos for all the moves and do weekly drawings in our private facebook group. Join now to see the videos and for extra accountability.

April 2021: April Arms Bring May Muscles

Here are some options for this month’s challenge:
Simply aim for 2-3 rounds
AMRAP (As many rounds as possible) – Set a timer for 2-5 minutes and see how many rounds you can do
Tabata – Find a tabata song on Apple Music or Spotify and alternate between the two exercises.
EMOM (Every minute on the minute) – Similar to an AMRAP, but instead you set the timer and at the top of every minute you complete your 2 moves, REST until that minute is over and start again at the top of the next minute.

Some other things to keep in mind:
If you don’t feel a burn after 2-3 rounds, it might be time to up those weights, girl!
Always focus on FORM over speed
Work until it becomes difficult, but not painful
Listen to your body, hydrate, and stretch
Don’t be intimidated, girl, you got this!

March 2021: March Movement

Week 1 will start with 20 reps of each exercise!
Week 2- 40 reps
Week 3- 60 reps
Week 4- 80 reps
Week 5- 100 reps!

You will count each movement/leg/side on these reps and definitely feel free to break them up if you need to! OR If you can only do 20 reps each week, that’s totally fine too! Do what you can!

We only had 6 ladies volunteer for team challenge so feel free to share numbers or emails to keep each other accountable! As always you’ll receive a point for doing your daily moves and then you’ll receive extra entries for drinking a gallon of water and healthy meals.

February 2021: FebYOUary Challenge

February, the month of love is here and this month we are focusing on loving OURSELVES all month long!

This month, we are switching it up and doing a photo challenge! We will not have any daily moves so use this month to do your favorite exercises/activities and also to keep up with those healthy habits we have been building!

Follow along and post a pic/meme/video of each topic. If you decide to post on your personal pages, make sure to tag PVT and use the hashtag #pvtiloveme

You’ll receive an entry for our weekly giveaway for each topic you post. You’ll get bonus entries for continuing any of our healthy habits and sharing your workouts or favorite exercises daily too!

I’ll be sharing tons of at home workouts, along with self care tips for y’all right here in our group! Feel free to share your favorite workouts, self care tips, and activities to give the rest of us some ideas too! As always, don’t forget to check our photo albums for healthy recipes, trackers and extra workouts.

January 2021: JaNEWary - Same me, new hustle

Bring on January! Here is next months challenge! We are starting 2021 workin our buns and guns!

Also adding healthy habits! We will start by focusing on one habit and then adding on each week! I’ll go live after tonight’s class with more details and also to do our final drawing!