It’s Time For Our Alpha-Fit August Challenge!

Back to School with PVT Academy!

For the month of August, Pink Velvet Training is going back to school with an Alpha-FIT challenge! Every day brings us a new letter of the alphabet and a corresponding exercise of the day. This month you will complete 26 reps of each daily move. School wouldn’t be the same without recess, so each Saturday I encourage you to get out and play! Take a walk, a family bike ride, go for a swim, any kind of physical activity you choose.Β 

You will earn points for every day you complete, and the top 3 of our class each week will win prizes! PLUS, there are lots of opportunities for Extra Credit as we also focus on building healthy habits!

Who’s ready to ACE this month’s challenge??


Your Extra Credit this month comes from building healthy habits, recognizing your hard work, and sharing fitness with others! 

Earn extra points each week for the tasks listed below. Complete one or all, your grade is up to you! πŸ˜‰

– Eat a healthy meal (breakfast, lunch, or dinner)
– Eat a healthy snack
– Include a fruit or veggie with your meal

– Drink a gallon of water in a day
– Go for a walk or jog 1-2 miles
– Share a Non-Scale Victory (NSV)
– Do an outside activity (in addition to recess!)
– Have a friend or family member join you for the move of the day
– Share your weekly/monthly goal with us

– Keep a food journal for 1 week (MyFitness Pal is a great tool for this)
– Do a 5K! (3.1 miles)
– Share progress pics or your fitness journey
– Reach a goal you’ve set for yourself
– Have a friend join this month’s challenge
– Complete all 31 days!

At the end of each week, I will be tallying up your grades and the top 3 participants will win prizes! This includes PVT merchandise, planners, water bottles, and more! You can share your daily participation and extra credit on your personal page, on our PVT Facebook page, or in our private group

Good luck, ladies!