Pink Velvet Self-Love Challenge

February is the month of love and in our mission to strengthen both our mind and bodies, this month we are focusing on loving OURSELVES!

Self-love is perhaps the most important, yet the easiest to forget while putting others before ourselves. In a world where images of “ideal beauty” are thrust upon us at every turn, it’s easy to see these messages and start picking apart every aspect of who we are and what we look like. But, the times they are a-changing! Women everywhere are standing up to say “eff your ‘beauty’ standards!” They are taking back their power, taking a stand and finally loving themselves.

We know these messages are so ingrained in us and recognize how difficult it can be to change this mindset so we are going to help you start, one day at a time. There is so much to love about yourself and it may not happen overnight, but we want you to start loving you again.

Our plan to help you this month starts with a photo challenge! Each day we want you to think about these different aspects of yourself and see how amazing you are. Loving yourself isn’t just about liking how you look. We want you to love how you feel, how you plan, the goals you are setting for yourself, your friends, how you fuel your body, how you take care of those around you… You are SO. MUCH. MORE than how you look or how much you weigh, and it’s time to take back your power.

Post your photos to Instagram or Facebook and join us this month in our #PinkSelfLove journey. And if you haven’t already signed up for our training program, now is the perfect time to jump in! Let’s work on strengthening your mind and body together.