PVT e-Book Volume 2 is HERE!

Hey ladies,

I am so excited to announce that e-Book Volume 2 is NOW available!  I am so proud of all of you who joined us and completed Volume 1. Like many of you, I anticipated being back to our in-person meetings by now, but it looks like we’ll continue to be social distancing for a little while longer.

So, we now have 24 new workouts to give you. This edition of our program adds strength training through the use of dumbbells for our workouts. We will start volume 2 Monday, April 27th in our private Facebook group. If you aren’t already in the group and you’d like to follow along with us, send me an email so I can get ya added. 

Since we are adding dumbbells in this volume, I do recommend starting with the bodyweight workouts in Volume 1 first, but if you’d like to jump right in to Volume 2, that works too and I’ll continue showing modifications to meet everyone at whatever level they’re at. 

We have added a library of workouts to our Facebook group, so you can go back and view any of the workouts for volume 1 or some bonus workouts at your leisure. 

Like our first book, Volume 2 is completely FREE! Download below and can’t wait to see you tomorrow as we dive right in! Stretch and drink lots of water today. Current ladies, we’re re-introducing our fitness test!

Our virtual workout schedule is as follows: 

  • Monday through Thursday 6pm – We’ll be following the e-Book
  • Saturday 9am – These will be bonus workouts open to anyone. Invite a friend and Register Now!

These are being done via Zoom and recorded so you can always go back and watch if you aren’t able to join at our scheduled times. If you are subscribed to our email list, check your email for the direct links to these meetings!

Let’s Get Quarantoned!