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I LOVE Jessica, she is amazing! Workouts are great & I always feel the burn 🔥 It’s great to have fun while working out. I recommend her program because you will feel better about yourself and the company is great. We all pump each other up. – Krissi

I have tried a variety of methods for fitness that either lost my interest or didn’t work for me as a busy mom but for me this WORKS! Never boring and always a challenge! Jessica rocks! – Natalie

This has been and currently is a game changer for me. I love the excitement of what task is to come and enjoy the connection made with other ladies. I highly recommend anyone to try it out. It’ll be the best thing you do for yourself. – Candace

I’ve been going to Jessica for almost a year now and have never found a program that I’ve consistently stayed with since high school! I was so nervous to try this group because I knew I was terribly out of shape and was not happy with my body image. But I was encouraged by knowing this is a women only group and I was told I could always come try the class for free so I figured I had nothing to lose! The community of friends that I have made in this program is amazing and I seriously can’t send enough love to Jessica our trainer! She has been there for me from day one and has always been so encouraging! She never sees what we’re lacking but she knows where we can be and meets you right where you are! She’s trained me from using 3 lb weights to 10 lb weights and thanks to her and this amazing program I’m on a lifestyle change journey that will hopefully continue for years and years! Definitely contact Jessica about giving this group a try!!! You won’t be sorry! – Kayla

The most high quality workout I’ve ever had each single time. I’ve had trainers and been a member of different type gyms over the years. This workout surpasses all of them. I count myself extremely lucky to have found this program. I have never in my entire life worked out so well. – Alberta

Jessica, our leader, is fun, challenging and energetic! She incorporates circuit training, high intensity interval training, resistance training using ascending/descending pyramids and tons of BURPEES! All of which have catapulted me back into fitness and I have not felt this strong in a long time. The group is warm and inviting and I feel lucky to be a part of a group of such empowering women. – Najia